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Why give a hand- made pen as a gift or corporate award?

We all use pens daily so they have high practical value.  They can also be very beautiful – like artwork. But unlike artwork they have functional value so we've labeled them “functional artwork”.  They can help the owner make a statement about themselves (i.e. quality and uniqueness) especially if they are highly unusual and hand-made.  Since each pen is “one of a kind” we've  taken numerous high definition close up photographs to preserve their beauty and add interest to our catalog.   We've collected hundreds of these photos so we've had to build a professional photo cataloging system to preserve and protect them.  Because we put a great deal of time and effort into this project, we've developed a book on how we did this at the request of our clients. It can now be purchased on this site for a nominal fee (see Digital Photography Storage and Retrieval in the Featured Products Section to the left).

If you would like to make a pen selection from our ready-made inventory, use the store catalog under "Categories" in the right column. You can also search for fountain pens, roller balls or by finish – wood, celluloid etc. If you would like to place a custom order, click on “Custom Order Information” in the left column. It is very easy to do.

Finally, if you are unsure what to purchase, buy a gift certificate (from the link below) and we'll custom make a stunning piece of artwork precisely to your recipient's specifications. Let them choose the model and finish. They will not only appreciate the gift, it will have an impact for a lifetime...Priceless!

If we can help in any way, contact us at support@aspenpen.com or 972-529-4963.

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